About Halofire Studios

Who We Are

Halofire Studios is a group of affiliated service providers, each of whom bring their own field of expertise to the team. By leveraging expertise specific to each project, Halofire can provide an interdisciplinary approach to suit specific project requirements while ensuring project goals are met on time and on budget.

Our Philosophy

Clean, simple and focused.

In our work, content is what matters. We strive to make sure your message is clear of any distractions, straight-forward, and focused on completing its objective.

Our Methodology

While most projects require a degree of flexibility, below is the general outline of our process that ensures our clients' objectives are met:

  1. Discovery and Analysis

  2. Proposal Building

  3. Contract Negotiation

  4. Strategic Review

  5. Information Architecture Development

  6. Graphic Design

  7. Website Development

  8. Implementation


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Team Leads

  • Brian Dixon - Project Manager
  • Kevin Liu - Application Developer


  • Colin Brandt - Content Developer
  • Cam Fard - Photography