We excel at leveraging technology and developing the tools and workflows needed to help communicate and manage information effectively in an online world. By making sure the solutions we user are paired appropriately with our clients, we ensure a high level of client satisfaction. Our services include:



Web Design We specialize in clean, simple and focused design, ensuring your online identity is communicated to the end-user effectively and appropriately.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design The web is just one of many tools needed for a successful marketing campaign. We provide design services for corporate branding, logos, flyers, signage, and other print materials to help you get your message out.

Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration Need to communicate a technical concept where Excel graphs and PowerPoint montages are not going to cut it? We can produce high-quality technical illustrations for your marketing material.



Application Development Web-applications can help with automating workflows, reducing your administration costs, while increasing access and availability of your services. Examples include: online surveys, membership management, event registration, and records management systems.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture With the vast amount of information available to us, knowing how to structure, label, store, retrieve, and present that information is just as important as the information itself. We can provide assistance to help you better address these issues and improve efficiency within your system.

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Project Pricing

Each project is unique, and can vary greatly in size and complexity. Below are some examples of some common website categories as a guide for pricing:

  • Small Business Solution

    A small business setup generally includes web design for a basic content management system (CMS), Google Apps integration (including email), search engine submission and optimization, and a basic online marketing campaign.

    Cost Range: $2000 - $6000

  • E-commerce Solution

    Do you need to sell online to reach a larger audience or improve sales? The cost is dependent on what your products are and the tools required to meet your needs. From single item stores to full inventory control systems and subscription services, implementing the right solution is our specialty.

    Cost Range: $5000 - $12000

  • Custom Web Application

    Are pre-packaged solutions not meeting your requirements? If you need a tightly integrated system with custom processes, a customized web application is what you are looking for. The benefits include automating workflows, reducing administration costs, and increasing access and availability of services.

    Cost Range: $8000 +

  • Consulting Services + Non-Web

    For consulting services, technical support, and non-web related design services, will bill out at an hourly rate, or a negotiated project cost.

    Hourly Rate: $100